In a Midnight Belgium Garden

In a midnight Belgium garden

I sat on the doorstep

Sheltering from the soft rain

You played delicate piano from your mobile phone

Filling the black night around us

We reminisced on New York

Hyromi serenading the night

The door at my back lit a bellybutton dimple inside the cup of chamomile warming my hands

I looked up to see stars

You told me Hyromi was queen

As we smoked our cigarettes

And the soundless lightening punctuated the  high notes 



What I used to think

What I used to think
When the worse I could give was
A toothy blowjob
When Saturdays were spent buying our fake-tans
Our small handbags
Holding small bottles of cheap Vodka
Extensions of hair, eyelashes, nails
Our impatience for growth

Fleeting Nostalgia

As the sun begins to melt
The impenetrable blue pool into pinks
Through the clouds I see you and
I give you a nod


Wrapped in gold

We`re wrapped in silk
Encased in gold
Luminous and enduring
Floating on clouds of stardust and incense


You`re here now
Come, I’ll wrap you in silk
While you look over the canal
Dangling your feet
The downy hairs on your cheeks cool against the morning sun
You’re here now
Let me hold you


You might see an explosion of powdery blue
And bellowing baby pink clouds
Later comes the glitter and magic


My parachute opened in the storm
Just as it should
To ease me to safety through the fog
Now I’ve touched the ground
But peering still up through the haze
I can never pass through that breeze again
And hopes I had been more conscious come
All of these moments are lost to the winds


If you had a hand in it

If you had a hand in it
Would it have been better?
Or had it been easier
Not even a letter?
I should show you the door
Give me your hand

Beyond Love

It all began and ended with you
Reborn soft and supple
You warmed my heart
Naturally it opened
Carefully it’s blossomed
In the warmth of that life giving source
It's in the music resounding through the universe
And the oxygen which penetrates my blood


The cork pops
A scent of powdery perfume fills the atmosphere like incense
Rose gold froth sparkles
Like sherbet cashmere
Lightly purrs, fizzes
And I swallow it whole


Exploited intimacy of the flowery ostentatious heart
Decoratively worn on the sleeve


The great unknown mysteries of life
Marvel at the grandeur of the infinite cosmos
The intricate and ingrained knowledge
Bestowed in stardust
All that all is made of and all that we are


These verses transverse continents, cultures
An earthly journey through and until the unknown
The mummified corpse
The fossils of the pirate animals
The trails of our ancestors
Searching for that spot marked X on the map
The only guidance to tune into the sound
Ancient as the shell
The music of our universe