Jess Linden (b. 1988, England) is a painter, illustrator and writer based in Madrid, Spain who works under the pseudonym La Musa Etérea, The Ethereal Muse. The ethereal muse is something alluring and other worldly yet all here in nature, when we look up to the sky and witness the clouds, sunrises and sunsets, the cycles of the moon, the stars, landscapes, beaches, plants and flowers, the human form and feelings. Taking inspiration from the magnificence and spirituality found in the simplicity of the natural world around us and asking us to stop, listen and connect to the inherent wisdom of the universe which lies within us all. Many paintings combine abstract yet recognizable scenery, as in a dream, hallucination or a memory blending components of reality with abstract colours and proportions to form tranquil alternate realities or 'dreamscapes'.